Terry Garthwaite, Lambda, University of California, Berkeley, is an internationally known singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and founder of the rock group Joy of Cooking.

Guitarist Terry Garthwaite co-founded the band Joy of Cooking with pianist Toni Brown in 1967 in Berkeley, California. The band - one of the rare examples of a rock band led by women - was identified with the hippie culture of the time, melding rock and roll with folk, blues, and jazz with lyrics that often reflected feminist themes. The band released three studio albums with Capitol Records in the early 1970s as well as a minor hit single, “Brownsville,” in 1971.

After Joy of Cooking, Garthwaite and Toni Brown worked together as a duo named Toni & Terry. Their full-length LP Cross Country was released by Capitol Records in 1973. Another album, The Joy, was released in 1977. 

As a solo artist, Garthwaite refocused her career on jazz music, releasing her first solo album, Terry, in 1975. Garthwaite continued to record albums, on and off, for independent labels for years. These albums included Hand in Glove (1979), Moving Day (1985), and Sacred Circles (2000).